Join us

Why join the ELSYS Eastern Europe Team

Would you like to:

  • Work in an international environment?
  • Create and build in-depth knowledge in hardware design/verification, embedded systems and application software development?
  • Work on state of the art technologies from Serbia?

Furthermore, are you looking for exciting career opportunities, in a company that invests in your training?

Yes, all the above is possible: come discover ELSYS Eastern Europe!

We love engineering

First of all, we are engineers:

  • Hardware engineers that love to design integrated circuits, boards… for challenging technical applications, inside different industries.
  • Software developers that love to make this hardware come to life and communicate, thanks to our embedded code and application software.
  • Project managers, that love to plan and lead the work of our team to respect project deadlines.
  • Technical experts, sales engineers…

In short, we all love engineering, that’s the strong link that binds us together.

We work in an international environment

ELSYS Eastern Europe belongs to ADVANS GROUP, which gathers engineers from France, Germany, United Kingdom, Serbia, Bulgaria, India and more. In our Belgrade Technical Center, the teams and managers are mostly Serbians, but we frequently interact with our European colleagues.
Concerning our customers, they all belong to well-known international companies. We have contacts with them on a day to day basis, and some of us occasionally fly to their offices. So far, we have been working for customers based in France, Germany, USA, India, China, Japan, Norway, Austria, Taiwan, Italy, …

We will build your knowledge

Trust and customer partnerships for long term projects allow us to build in-depth knowledge in a variety of domains like digital/analog design and verification, embedded systems as well as application software development.
For example, we have been involved in the development of powerful integrated circuits used in wireless, consumer electronics, avionics, nuclear and power efficiency products.

You will work on state of the art technology in Serbia

Thanks to the secured environment and the long term partnerships with our customers, we are involved in the development cycle of the newest technologies. Today, we are working on the products that will be available in 1 or 2 years, depending on the complexity and market schedule. Moreover, our engineers are often key players in the customers’ project organization.

Career opportunities

ELSYS Eastern Europe, now an established and stable company, has kept the dynamism of the beginnings, when everything was to be built. We grow fast, with double-digits rates: it implies that we have many projects and opportunities for you!
We recruit senior engineers, as well as junior engineers: we are especially good at building the young engineer knowledge up to the expert level. Join the ELSYS Eastern Europe Team, and your career will grow with us!