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EEE Joins DSP Valley Cluster

EEE Joins DSP Valley Cluster
Monday, 11 May, 2015
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We proudly announce that we become member of DSP Valley cluster, whose most activities are connected to Belgium and Netherlands region. This way, we will strength cooperation with existing partners, establish new contacts with major semiconductor companies and research institutes in this part of Europe.

DSP Valley is an independent cluster of excellence in smart electronic systems and embedded technology solutions. DSP Valley groups 100+ members: universities, research institutes and companies, from small start-ups, over SMEs to large international groups with a local R&D activity. DSP Valley offers its members a networking platform that allows them to explore each other’s expertise and that stimulates innovation by exploiting complementarities.

With its extensive offer of high quality activities, DSP Valley is one of the top clusters in Europe in the area of smart electronic systems and embedded technology solutions. Its activities include for example regional and international inter cluster B2B forums, Academia-to-Business forums, a shared group booth at international exhibitions, custom matchmaking events, technical seminars, a bi-monthly newsletter and brokerage services for participation in European ICT programs.

DSP Valley is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium and has a branch office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

On Thursday, June 11th, you will have the opportunity to meet ELSYS Eastern Europe during B2B Forum, organized by DSP Valley. The venue for this matchmaking event will be the Sportoase in the city center of Leuven, Belgium.