Market Positioning

Choosing ELSYS Eastern Europe as a Partner

ELSYS Eastern Europe is a near-shore technical center specializing in hadware design as well as embedded and application software development.

Customers subcontract ELSYS Eastern Europe its projects because they are looking for highly-skilled engineers located in a cost competitive design zone.

The set up and ramp-up of teams can be achieved in a short period of time, while complying with international quality standards.

Western processes of work…

ELSYS Eastern Europe is a true international oriented company. Since its foundation in 2004, it has benefited the support, training, methodology and management of its mother company ELSYS Design France.

Today, it can manage projects on its own, or work in cooperation with ELSYS Design. Since 2011, it can also work with TES Electronic Solutions; which, like ELSYS Design, is a renowned European expert in the fields of hardware and software electronics.

ELSYS Eastern Europe, ELSYS Design and TES Electronic Solutions all belong to ADVANS GROUP.

…Standardised through the ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Along the way, project after project for international customers, ELSYS Eastern Europe has capitalised skills, knowledge and methods. The next step was to organise them into a precise quality management system, guaranteeing the high level of its work.

Since 2008, ELSYS Eastern Europe is ISO 9001 certified, a standard supported by national bodies in more than 150 countries.

About Serbia and ELSYS Eastern Europe engineers

Placed at the threshold of the European Union, located two hours by plane from Paris, Serbia has strong cultural and political ties with Western Europe in general and with France in particular.
Its higher education system trains engineers who reveal themselves comfortable in intercultural contexts.

ELSYS Eastern Europe selects the best of the Serbian electronics & software engineers, and then highly invest in their training to help them follow the way to excellence. Therefore, the cost advantage customers get when working with ELSYS Eastern Europe engineers by no means entails a poor quality of developments.