These are some of the benefits our employees enjoy, here at Elsys EE:


All our employees have private – voluntary health insurance covered in over 400 healthcare institutions throughout Serbia. You can schedule medical appointments quickly and easily, at short notice and without unforeseen postponements. You will have a free choice of a healthcare institution and a free choice of your doctor.


Our company sponsors language courses for its employees. Classes are usually held twice a week in our premises. So far, each term has lasted approximately four months during spring and autumn. For each course there are additional consulting classes. Your progress is monitored during the course and regular reports are sent to you and the management. The company is paying language courses up to B2 level.


We have recognized the Fitpass as a great way to encourage our employees to move, train and be healthier, therefore, we decided to co-finance this opportunity for every interested employee. One card, one membership fee and access to 600 sport facilities in Serbia.


We are concerned about the safety of our employees and we have insured all our employees 24 hours (at work, during regular work, on the way to and from work, as well as during everyday activities). In addition, we also included insurance in case of serious diseases and surgical interventions.


Apart from work, you will have an opportunity to get to know your colleagues and spend some enjoyable time playing football or basketball with them. You can also take a break in our playrooms and play table tennis, table football, darts or just relax and take some massage. Yes, we have a play room!


Team buildings are organized for you to get together in a different, informal atmosphere. Better understanding leads to easier and efficient cooperation on the project. There are two types of team buildings: On team level (for employees who work in the same team), and on company level (for all employees in Belgrade and Novi Sad). These are traditionally called seminars.


1Clock domain crossing – issues and how to overcome themDD
2Scheduling techniques and their implementation for queue servicingDD
3Functional safety approaches implementation  in digital designDD
4Temperature sensor IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
5Bandgap reference IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
6Voltage regulator IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
7Internal oscillator IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
8Power-on Reset IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
9IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – Link Layer Discovery Protocol control – LLDPDV
10IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – MAC RxDV
11IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – MAC TxDV
12SoC integration – 3PIAS ProjekatDD+DV
13SoC integration – ARM – Cortex M0 platform Integration using ARM SDKDD+DV
14SoC integration – ARM – Cortex M3 platform Integration using ARM SDKDD+DV
15SoC Verification – interdisciplinary themes – SW coverage collection and analysisDV
16SoC Verification – interdisciplinary themes – CPU instructions provided by SV TB instead of reading from Memory; (SV + ARM architecture)DV
17VIP Development – PCI ExpressDV
18VIP Development – DDRDV
19VIP Development – EthernetDV
20VIP Development – USBDV
21VIP Development – CSIDV
22VIP Development – DSIDV
23VIP Development – UNIPRODV
24VIP Development – I3CDV
25VIP Development – SLIMbusDV
26VIP Development – HDMIDV
Please note, although thesis are created in collaboration with professors, you need to get final approval by your UNI professor.