As an intern in Elsys Eastern Europe, I worked on an enterprise project in a professional business environment for the first time. I enjoyed working in a nice atmosphere surrounded by colleagues who are always there to help.

Tamara Marčetić

Junior Application Software Engineer

Having graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Elsys Eastern Europe was a perfect place and a logical next step for me. During the internship I had the opportunity to see the whole production process for the first time. What's even more important is that I was mentored and lead by experienced engineers. In my opinion, social aspect is an inseparable part of successful work in a complex system, which I admire the most in Elsys Eastern Europe.

Nikola Jevremović

Junior Embedded Software Engineer

Internship is a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn about Embedded systems. Avisto offers excellent mentors and working environment.

Ljiljana Ćorković

Junior Embedded Software Engineer

My internship lasted from November 2018 to February 2019. In that period, I learned a lot of new things including GIT and working in Linux environment. People were polite and always ready to help if needed. Also, darts tournament helped in getting to know people a little better.

Nikola Nešković

Junior Embedded Software Engineer

During my internship, I have learned a lot considering that I previously did not know much about embedded programming. The fact that I had the opportunity to use and wire actual physical devices for the first time instead of using simulations as I did on the Faculty was fascinating for me. The team I joined was great, comprised of interesting people. Overall the internship atmosphere was excellent.

Bodin Matejić

Junior Embedded Software Engineer

For me, what sets this company apart from the rest is that I'm working with top professionals in a very relaxed atmosphere. When I leave my work, I don't feel tense or stressed at all. People are always ready to help and the company takes good care of its employees.

Luka Savić

Junior IP DV Engineer

What I like about Elsys are the people working here! Even though they are fully committed to deliver good results for the customer, their laughter brings plenty of joyful moments to remember. Working with them and learning from the best is the greatest privilege one could experience during their professional career.

Jasmina Ćurčin

Senior IC Layout Engineer

The company can offer a lot to both juniors and experienced engineers. This year I have started working for EEE for the second time and this speaks for itself about the comfortable environment that EEE provides. Relaxed atmosphere and mindful workload allowed me to finish my studies along with my work here.

Damjan Rakanović

Digital Design Engineer

I have the opportunity to work on the projects for some of the world's biggest companies in the field of IC design. And while I am doing it, I can enjoy the benefits of flexible working hours, friendly environment and events like team buildings, seminars with common activities like skiing, hiking, parties… Furthermore, we have different sport activity every week. In the field of electronics, the company gave me the opportunity to work on interesting projects from different areas: digital design, analog design and modeling, embedded design, post silicon validation. Being involved in different phases of the chip design process is a priceless experience!

Aleksandar Marić

Development Test Engineer

I joined digital design internship right after I graduated from University. This was my first real VLSI project. Working with my mentor I learned all the concepts and the development processes that I'm now applying when working on a commercial project.

Nikola Miljković

Junior Digital Design Engineer

A drive for problem-solving, that is what got me into engineering and what pushes me to be a better engineer every day. The best thing about Elsys Eastern Europe is that it creates great environment for me to solve complex problems and to grow both personally and professionally. I have great colleagues who are all experts in their field and they are always ready to help. Just knowing that one day an autonomous vehicle, cellphone or 5G network backbone will use a chip me and my colleagues verified makes me proud of being part of this company!

Marko Laušin

SoC DV Engineer

Developing high-tech devices used in mobile phone, automotive and other industries has proven to be a very good way to spend more than 11 professional years at Elsys. I've found here a constructive environment where dedication is awarded and self-development is encouraged. And open communication, travelling and meeting new cultures is what makes it more than just work experience.

Igor Ignjić

Senior Design and Verification Engineer

What I like about my work is the feeling that I am contributing to a world as a better place. For example, we were working on a chip that uses a new type of Bluetooth technology to aid the people with hearing loss. I remember when the final product has reached the market, I felt happy that future users will have one problem less in their lives. It was a good feeling, being part of the solution for at least some of the world problems.

Milan Bjelobrk

Senior IP Verification engineer

Working here has quenched my thirst for both the analog and digital electronics as I encounter and solve problems in both of these areas in the AMS domain. This is a very pleasant working environment; there is always somebody who I can ask for advice and consult on what path to take.

Aleksandar Dimitrijević

Junior AMS DV Engineer


1Clock domain crossing – issues and how to overcome themDD
2Scheduling techniques and their implementation for queue servicingDD
3Functional safety approaches implementation  in digital designDD
4Temperature sensor IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
5Bandgap reference IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
6Voltage regulator IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
7Internal oscillator IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
8Power-on Reset IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
9IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – Link Layer Discovery Protocol control – LLDPDV
10IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – MAC RxDV
11IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – MAC TxDV
12SoC integration – 3PIAS ProjekatDD+DV
13SoC integration – ARM – Cortex M0 platform Integration using ARM SDKDD+DV
14SoC integration – ARM – Cortex M3 platform Integration using ARM SDKDD+DV
15SoC Verification – interdisciplinary themes – SW coverage collection and analysisDV
16SoC Verification – interdisciplinary themes – CPU instructions provided by SV TB instead of reading from Memory; (SV + ARM architecture)DV
17VIP Development – PCI ExpressDV
18VIP Development – DDRDV
19VIP Development – EthernetDV
20VIP Development – USBDV
21VIP Development – CSIDV
22VIP Development – DSIDV
23VIP Development – UNIPRODV
24VIP Development – I3CDV
25VIP Development – SLIMbusDV
26VIP Development – HDMIDV
Please note, although thesis are created in collaboration with professors, you need to get final approval by your UNI professor.