CV Assistance

Applying for a dream job is known to be a nerve breaking process. High expectations, pressure, tendency to be at the top of the game and many other factors often undermine the true value and impact, a beautifully written curriculum vitae can have in a selection process.

A Curriculum Vitae should provide a summary of your academic background and technical experience by showing the most relevant skills related to the specific job role of your interest. It should be concise, smart and professionally written by focusing on your most relevant skills, experience, projects, knowledge and other attributes required for the position.


  • Profile summary
    Emphasize your technical background
    Emphasize software language skills and other relevant skills
    Years of expertise
  • Showcase relevant experience to the job position you are applying for
    Analyze the job description in order to determine if you have the same duties, experience, and qualifications as required for the role.
  • Highlight the most important
    Meaning that you should pay extra attention to the buzzword used in job description and incorporate them into your application with respect to your expertise. By doing so, you will increase your chances to be hastily marked as a potential candidate.
  • Articulate your Accomplishments
    This is the key opportunity to stand out from other candidates. Reflect on your accomplishments by thinking about what you have achieved during your current employment, past and any other previous job role you have held during your professional career.
  • Connect Accomplishments with the specific job role
    In order to have an effective chronological preview, it is advisable to enlist accomplishments under every job role you want to present in your curriculum vitae.

For example, in the section work experience you will firstly enlist the job title, the company name of your current or the last job, and a short description of job duties related to the specific role and then the most significant accomplishments should be presented in relation to the role.


  • Technical background & Years of Expertise
  • The most relevant skills e.g. Software tools, programming languages, etc.


Job Title

  • XYZ Company
  • Job duty #1
  • Job duty #2
  • Job duty #3
  • Job duty #4
  • Job duty #5

June 201Y – September 201Z


  • Accomplishment #1
  • Accomplishment #2
  • Accomplishment #3

Keep it short, smart and professional, therefore, bullet points could be used for enlistment of job duties and accomplishments.

  • If possible, Quantify
    Quantify your contribution to the team, project or company you worked for when possible.
  • Be specific with Dates
    Clearly indicate starting and ending date; month, year; of your previous employment.
    This will probably reveal gaps in your career path; however, it is all right. Life is consisted of ups and downs and even more important, we all need some time off for personal and professional development.
  • Use Bullet points
    Short, precise and well-thought forms presented through bullet points are much better means of visual communication and even more convenient to be analyzed then long paragraphs.
  • Be yourself
    Be honest in presenting your aspirations and goals. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with the best match candidates and that requires mutual compatibility and trust. In order to be on the right track, we need to truly understand your career goals from the beginning.

Hope that you will find the CV help helpful and that by following the above presented tips you will be able to enrich the presentational form of your work experience. Furthermore, we hope that you will land your dream job soon.

Preview open positions and apply if we have sparked your interest. May the best candidates win!


1Clock domain crossing – issues and how to overcome themDD
2Scheduling techniques and their implementation for queue servicingDD
3Functional safety approaches implementation  in digital designDD
4Temperature sensor IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
5Bandgap reference IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
6Voltage regulator IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
7Internal oscillator IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
8Power-on Reset IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
9IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – Link Layer Discovery Protocol control – LLDPDV
10IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – MAC RxDV
11IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – MAC TxDV
12SoC integration – 3PIAS ProjekatDD+DV
13SoC integration – ARM – Cortex M0 platform Integration using ARM SDKDD+DV
14SoC integration – ARM – Cortex M3 platform Integration using ARM SDKDD+DV
15SoC Verification – interdisciplinary themes – SW coverage collection and analysisDV
16SoC Verification – interdisciplinary themes – CPU instructions provided by SV TB instead of reading from Memory; (SV + ARM architecture)DV
17VIP Development – PCI ExpressDV
18VIP Development – DDRDV
19VIP Development – EthernetDV
20VIP Development – USBDV
21VIP Development – CSIDV
22VIP Development – DSIDV
23VIP Development – UNIPRODV
24VIP Development – I3CDV
25VIP Development – SLIMbusDV
26VIP Development – HDMIDV
Please note, although thesis are created in collaboration with professors, you need to get final approval by your UNI professor.