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The final list of selected candidates will be announced by 7th February.

Internship is planned to start mid-March after the exams, however, due to the situation exact date will be announced in a timely manner.

It’s A Steep Learning Curve

As any expert will tell you – it’s that moment when you step out of your comfort zone that you really start learning. But when your colleagues are some of the best engineers around, these challenges are easier to overcome, don’t you think? It’s as if you are preparing for an important exam, but you have a bunch of professor-grade students helping you out. An internship at Elsys Eastern Europe comes with a mentorship program, lab practice, lectures and work on an actual commercial project. It’s time to put the theory into practice at a place where your ideas and smarts matter.

The biggest question during studies

The biggest question during studies is choosing the right domain in which to start your career. Direct contact with industry, through internship in company, is one of the best ways for answering that question.

Internship gives you first-hand experience, an invaluable thing when making a decision about future employment. As our internship is entering its third and final month, we’ve found the answers to most of our questions.

Considering that internship is the student’s first real step in an unfamiliar industry, hard work and dedication are essential for further professional and personal development. After initial lectures, more than two months are spent on a single project – a real world example of what client may request.


Internship is demanding and yet entirely tailored to student’s level. Project is done solo, with support from a mentor – an experienced engineer from the company. This definitely makes it challenging, but success is all that sweeter. Another advantage is the possibility for a project to be reshaped into a final thesis.

Unique situation during our internship moved us all to remote work. As we are a service company, work with clients is almost exclusively through online calls. Conversations with the mentor were exactly the same, and it was crucial to be efficient and clear when describing issues and solutions. Although unexpected, it was definitely a welcome experience.

Aleksandar Lilić
Digital Design Intern
Winternhsip 2019/20

Internship helped me decide what I want to do for a living

Internship at Elsys EE has given me a chance to work in a serious company in the domain of my interest. It also helped me decide if this is what I want to do for a living.


The domain of my choice is Analog Layout. The work is interesting and creative here, and I’ve learned a lot in the past two months. My mentor is very patient and always ready to provide help and advice. I felt no pressure, the work is done efficiently and without problems. Both the people I worked with so far and the environment are great! I found no difficulties in coordinating my studies with internship, in fact there was plenty of time for some extra activities.


All in all, I’m satisfied and I can recommend Elsys EE as the place to go for all the students that want to learn more about this industry in a pleasant and relaxed environment.

Nikola Pejović
Analog Layout Intern
Winternhsip 2019/20

Join a company that is growing and developing

Hi, my name is Valentina. I’m a student of the fourth year of the School of Technical Engineering (ETF) in Belgrade, electronics major. Here is a short summary of my internship in Elsys Eastern Europe.


My internship domain was Analog Mixed-Signal Verification. I applied for winter internship because it went well with my other obligations during the studies. It is possible to focus on both work and your studies if you have strong discipline and work habits (and I suppose everyone at ETF already has those). Worktime is 8 hours (from 9h to 17h). I must admit, this proved quite challenging at first because I wasn’t used to spending so much time in one place.


But my colleagues here at Elsys EE welcomed me with smiling faces, and this left a positive impression on me. You could see there was an overall positive vibe in the workplace. Another thing that surprised me was that they treated interns as equals – nobody was acting older and smarter than the rest.


All the lectures we attended were really well-presented. The lecturers all had years of experience in the AMS domain, and they did their best to explain the verification process. We learned a lot in just one month thanks to our mentors.


I chose Elsys EE because this company is growing and developing. I was looking for a way to learn from progress-oriented people, with knowledge and experience. And I found what I was looking for here!


I can strongly recommend Elsys EE internship program to anyone aiming to improve their verification skills.

Valentina Denić
Analog Mixed-Signal Verification Intern
Winternhsip 2019/20

With a little bit of effort everything is achievable

Elsys EE got my attention in the second year of my studies. I had some doubts that I will be able to keep up both my studies and internship obligations, but with a little bit of effort everything is achievable. Not once have I regretted my decision to start my internship here.


Most of all, I appreciate the environment and relaxed vibe in the office. I am very satisfied with the the way people communicate with interns – everybody is willing to help! Our mentors are patient and they don’t mind repeating the lecture a hundred times if need be. Overall, my expectations were met and I’m certain I’ve made the right decision in coming here.

Goran Popadić
IC Layout Intern
Winternhsip 2019/20

Internship Benefits

Office &

Health is priority number one; therefore, our program is running in respect to global situation and business practice recommendation of the given period.


You are in good hands. Every step of the way you will have full support from an experienced mentor. It’s a good thing to have someone who can answer your questions and guide you along the way.

No lock-in contract

We are looking for a true match among our interns. Someone that clicks with us, and we click with them perfectly. That’s why we don’t bind our interns with lock-in-contracts. It’s a true internship.


Combining your student life with internship can be challenging, but where there’s a will there’s a way. And the way is easy since your internship in Elsys EE can be the subject of your master thesis. Check out the list of


The knowledge and first hand experience you will get out of your internship is priceless. However, we will still provide you with additional financial support during your internship months.

Word Of Wisdom From Your Professors

dr Lazar Saranovac

Šef katedre za elektroniku

Prof. dr. Lazar Saranovac from School of Electrical engineering, ETF, talks about donations that improved quality of lectures and enabled faculty to keep up with industry trends.

Prof. dr. Saša Stojanović

Docent na katedri za računarsku tehniku i informatiku

Prof. dr. Saša Stojanović from School of Electrical engineering, ETF, indicates how valuable and quite often crucial role silicon chips play in our life, from everyday situations (texting or sending gify to your loved-ones) to life-saving encounters (e.g. life supporting computer). Modern technologies empower us in many ways that we are not even aware of.

Prof. dr. Jelena Popović

Docent na katedri za elektroniku

Prof. dr. Jelena Popović from School of Electrical engineering, University of Belgrade points out multiple benefits and opportunities a career in semiconductor industry can offer to a freshly graduate student of electronica.

Prof. dr. Radivoje Đurić

Docent na katedri za elektroniku

Prof. dr. Radivoje Đurić from School of Electrical engineering, ETF, talks about early beginnings of our collaboration and the impact it has on a practical segments of bachelor and master studies.

Internship Proces

1. Application

This is your first step, and an important one. We promise to consider all applicants, but you can make our work easy by carefully preparing your application.

2. Interview

You will be invited to demonstrate your technical knowledge and explain your thinking process.

3. Selection & invitation to join the program

If you qualify, you will be invited to take part in our internship program.

4. Boarding

Prepare your hand luggage and let us guide you through all the safety procedures.

5. Training

This is the core of our program, we put a lot of effort to train all our interns.

6. Work on the project

Under full supervision and with assistance and guidance by top experts.

7. Final work presentation

A detailed report of your internship will help us evaluate your potential as our future colleague.

8. Offer of employment for best interns

Selected candidates will receive a formal offer for employment.

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Life At Elsys

Do we run a sweatshop or do we play ping-pong whole day? What kind of people work in Elsys EE: are they young, are they boring, what’s the dress code? What do the offices in Belgrade and Novi Sad look like? We give you behind-the-scenes look at our day-to-day work, a list of benefits, video reports and testimonials from some of our colleagues.


1Clock domain crossing – issues and how to overcome themDD
2Scheduling techniques and their implementation for queue servicingDD
3Functional safety approaches implementation  in digital designDD
4Temperature sensor IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
5Bandgap reference IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
6Voltage regulator IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
7Internal oscillator IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
8Power-on Reset IP – Analysis, modeling and verificationAMS
9IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – Link Layer Discovery Protocol control – LLDPDV
10IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – MAC RxDV
11IP verification – MAC merge sublayer IP – MMSL – MAC TxDV
12SoC integration – 3PIAS ProjekatDD+DV
13SoC integration – ARM – Cortex M0 platform Integration using ARM SDKDD+DV
14SoC integration – ARM – Cortex M3 platform Integration using ARM SDKDD+DV
15SoC Verification – interdisciplinary themes – SW coverage collection and analysisDV
16SoC Verification – interdisciplinary themes – CPU instructions provided by SV TB instead of reading from Memory; (SV + ARM architecture)DV
17VIP Development – PCI ExpressDV
18VIP Development – DDRDV
19VIP Development – EthernetDV
20VIP Development – USBDV
21VIP Development – CSIDV
22VIP Development – DSIDV
23VIP Development – UNIPRODV
24VIP Development – I3CDV
25VIP Development – SLIMbusDV
26VIP Development – HDMIDV
Please note, although thesis are created in collaboration with professors, you need to get final approval by your UNI professor.